Final programme

First AESC Annual Convention

27 April 2017

Venue: Faculty of Fine Arts Conference Hall

10:00 - Opening by Dr. Bilgen Sütçüoğlu

Chair, Department of Political Science and International Relations, Yeditepe University

10:20 - Speech by Almula Türedi

Ministry for EU Affairs of the Republic of Turkey, Directorate for Accession Policy 

10:40 - Welcome by AESC President

11:00 - Academic Workshop No. 1: The Changing Regional Geographies in Europe and its Eastern Neighbours

Venue: Faculty of Fine Arts Conference Hall

Moderator: Türkeş Kiliç (Yeditepe University)

  • The Black Sea Cooperation in the Context of Sub-regionalism and Inter-regionalism (Mukhtar Hajizada (Khazar University, Department of Political Science and International Relations)
  •  The Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation: Opportunities and Limits in Three Decade (Itir Toksöz Bullens (Dogus University, Department of International Relations)
  •  Turkey and the Union for Mediterranean (Armağan Gözkaman (Beykent University, Department of International Relations)

13:00 - Lunch break

14:30 - Workshop (continued)

  • Turkey's Black Sea Policy and the EU (Filiz Tutku Aydin (Social Sciences University of Ankara)
  • Tatarstan: A Meeting Point of Russian and Turkic Worlds (Aleksandra Yatsyk (Institute of Human Sciences, Vienna)
  • People or Territories: The Geo-/ Biopolitical Dilemmas for Georgia and Ukraine (Andrey Makarychev (University of Tartu, Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies)

16:00 - End of day one

16:30 - AESC Advisory Board Meeting

(for DESCnet representatives)

28 April 2017

10:00 - Academic Workshop No. 2: Foreign and Security Policy Implications of Europeanisation in the Caucasus

Venue: Blue Hall, Rectorate Building

Moderator: Andrey Makarychev (University of Tartu)

  • Securitization of Economic Integration Decisions: Armenia and the Eurasian Economic Union (Seyit Ali Avcu (Ankara Yildirim Beyazit University)
  • Europeanisation of Georgia: Security Concerns (Gvantsa Davitashvili (Caucasus School of Law)
  • EU Challenges in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine: What are the Prospects once they Implement their Association Agreements? (Tamta Tsotskhalashvili (New Vision University)

  • The ENI in the Caucasus and Cooperation Opportunities with Turkey (Damla Cihangir (Sabanci University)
  • With Turkey against Russia? European Common Energy Policy (Seda Hanegelioğlu (Yeditepe University)

13:00 - Lunch break

14:30 - Special Panel 1: China and Central Asia in the Caucasus Region

Venue: Blue Hall, Rectorate Building

Moderator: Thomas Kruessmann (University of Tartu)

  •  (Re-) evaluating European Union – Central Asian Relations: An Integration Perspective (Akbota Zholdasbekova (Faculty of International Relations, Gumilyev Eurasian National University)
  • (Re-) Assessing the New Silk Road for an Integrated Europe-Asia (Punit Gaur and Aigerim Ospanov (Gumilev Eurasian National University)
  • Chinese One Belt One Road Project and the Stability in the Eastern Mediterranean (Seyit Ali Avcu (Ankara Yildirim Beyazit University)

14:30  - Special Panel 2: Georgia

Venue: Z 10-A (Faculty of Law building)

Moderator: Gaga Gabrichidze (New Vision University)

  • The Parliamentary Election in Georgia 2016: A Policy Analysis Perspective (Oliver Reisner (Ilia State University)
  • Georgia and the Issue of Turkey's Membership in the EU (Maia Manchkhashvili (Tbilisi State University)

 17:00 - General Assembly AESC

 18:00 - End of day two