WG on Textbooks

To implement the recent Jean Monnet Support to Associations grant, a working group had been founded to develop a textbook on European Studies for bachelor students in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

The working group process will be moderated by the following members of the AESC management board:
  • Anna Khvorostiankina
  • Oliver Reisner
  • Gaga Gabrichidze
  • others (to be added)

AESC members involved in the working group are:
  • Gvantsa DavitashvilI
  • Guljannat Huseynli
  • Ilham Humbatov
  • Salla Nazarenko
  • Samira Eyvazova
  • others (to be added)

Here is a sample of current textbook literature to be taken into account: