Hriday Ch. Sarma


President of the AESC

Hriday Ch. Sarma is the founder of a non-partisan action-research organization – Caucasus-Asia Center, which works in the direction of building people and business ties between the Greater Caucasus and countries in Asia. Hriday has a a decade long professional experience of working with credible think tanks, government supported bodies and private companies in different positions. He started his work career at Gallup International (India) and then worked as a researcher with few India based organizations, like Center de Sciences Humanies and National Maritime Foundation. He also worked as a Visiting Fellow/ Consultant with few prominent institutions in other countries, like Institute for National Security Studies (Israel), Center for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communication  (Azerbaijan). He has been a co-founder of a few start ups, including a company that works on blockchain and digital investment matters in medium and large infrastructure projects. He is closely connected with few reputed organizations, such as Fellow with South Asia Democratic Forum (Brussels), Strategic Advisor to Balkan Economic Forum (Greece) and Research Scientist with Polo Center for Sustainability  (Italy). Hriday has a MA, MPhil and PhD (awaiting final defence) in International Relations and with specialization in energy geo-economics and socio-technicalities of energy transition. He has got published more than 50 articles and 10 research papers with different publications.