Maya Targamadze

Member of the Management Board

Maia Targamadze is a graduate of the Foreign Relations Faculty  in Lviv’s Academy (Lviv,Ukraine), she also holds a diploma in ‘’Caucasus Studies’’. In 2013, she founded NGO ‘’Youth Center of Svaneti’’ and since then she is working in the youth field, doing cultural and educational projects in the various regions of Georgia as well as summer schools, festivals, conferences and round tables. Nowadays, she is head of two organizations, one of which is Georgian-Ukrainian organization ‘’Lesya’’.

Maya has been an Eastern Partnership Policy Documentary expert, she has been an invited lecturer at Graz University. In addition, Maia co-worked with several theaters as a manager and PR on different plays and art projects. Since 2013, she is working with the group of local NGO’s on the ’’Georgian Youth Policy Document’’ and on recommendations for Government according to youth. As cultural diplomacy worker, Maia is actively involved in cultural lives of Georgia and Ukraine, organizing art meetings, festivals, different events etc. She is also translator from Georgian and Ukrainian languages and has translated various poetries, poems, plays and books. Maia is literature award, ‘’Saba’s’’ nominee.