Rahim Rahimov

Member of the Management Board

Rahim Rahimov is a graduate of the EU Laws and Economics Program of the Riga Graduate School of Law. He holds an MA in International Relations from Hult International Business School in London, UK and a BA in Arab Studies from Baku State University, Azerbaijan.

Rahim is a political analyst focusing on Russia, Turkey, South Caucasus and Eastern Partnership regions, with interests in foreign policies, integration processes, connectivity, geopolitics, and conflicts. His analysis, articles and works regularly appear on various think-tanks, media outlets and publications internationally.

Rahim is also a lecturer and fellow on multiculturalism, ethnic-religious and cultural diversities and related public policies, and the topics of hate speech, disinformation, anti-Semitism, and political Islam. He has co-authored a university textbook on the topic of multiculturalism and minorities. Currently, he is engaged as a co-author on the AESC’s university textbook project that applies a value-based approach to the European Studies in the South Caucasus.

He speaks English, Russian, Arabic and Azerbaijani / Turkish.

Email: r_rahimov@hotmail.com

Twitter: @r_rahimov  

Links to his author pages:

  1. a) https://www.wilsoncenter.org/person/rahim-rahimov
  2. b) https://jamestown.org/analyst/rahim-rahimov/