Summer School: "European Integration and Rivalry between Regional Integration Systems in the Caucasus" at Yeditepe University 9-13 July 2018, Istanbul (Turkey)

Aprill 4, 2018

As a part of the DescNet and Jean Monnet sponsored initiative to enhance the level of European Studies in the Caucasus region Yeditepe University is glad to host the Summer School: "European Integration and Rivalry between Regional Integration Systems in the South Caucasus". The school hopes to increase the network of the nine DescNet member institutions by providing comprehensive knowledge on different aspects and the key challenges for regional cooperation in the South Caucasus and how we can deal with them moving forward forward.

The main questions to be addressed through an interesting week full of interactive workshops and lectures by experts in the field will include:

  • Which challenges face the South Caucasus and how can we deal with them to move the regional cooperation forward?
  • Can the obstacles to full-fledged regional integration be understood through an analysis of the diverging foreign policies of nations?
  • How are the new dynamics of regional politics being (re)shaped in the aftermath of the establishment of the Eurasian Union?
  • What role do the powers in the region, such as the EU, Russia, and Turkey play and how their power and influence are defined in complex settings of the South Caucasus?

If the previous questions spark your interest and you are anywhere from an advanced undergraduate to an post-graduate researcher in the region then APPLY BY APRIL 30th!

The application can be filled out online in the registration link below. Before registering please read the full call for applications to learn more about the school, institution, and aim of the program!

Registration opens Monday, April 2

Registration deadline: Monday, April 30

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Applications are now closed!

Additional documents:

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